Singapore Launch SERI-NTU Advanced Ocular Engineering to Combat Growing Number of Eye-Related Diseases

SERI-NTU Advanced Ocular Engineering

Eye disease is one of the main concerns among the elderly population of Singapore. This is resulting in vision impairment and hence, affecting mobility. Taking this concern into account, a joint laboratory will be launched. The joint laboratory will consists of three prominent research organizations of Singapore. SERI-NTU Advanced Ocular Engineering (STANCE) Laboratory is the name of joint research lab.

They are coming together with aim to invent advanced eye imaging technologies and drug delivery system. The three partners of the laboratory are- the Singapore Eye Research Institute (SERI), the Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC), and Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Moreover, STANCE will be at NTU Smart Campus.

Advanced Diagnostics and Therapeutics System for Beyond Healthcare Centers

The researchers of joint laboratory will focus on innovating a technique referred as “optical coherence tomography” (OCT). The imaging technique is primarily used for industrial nondestructive testing (NDT) and medical imaging. OCT uses low-coherence light to capture two-dimensional and three-dimensional cell structures in micrometer resolution, within optical scattering media.

Another area of focus will be to bring perfection to a triple-beam OCT imaging prototype. This prototype enables to accurately measure the blood flow in the eyes by illuminating from three different angles. It can help detect eye diseases including age-related glaucoma and macular degeneration, with higher accuracy.

Furthermore, third project on the list of STANCE laboratory is development of an economical and portable robotic system that can perform automated eye screening rapidly. Moreover, this will be driven by artificial intelligence (AI). Further, the robotic system will help in detecting eye condition at earliest without visiting a specialized eye clinic or health center.

Moreover, launch of STANCE will provide platform to several joint research projects.Further, these joint research will work on three focus themes. They are-

  1. Screening devices that can help in diagnostic imaging at home and community rather than in clinic and health centers.
  2. Functional advancement of in-vivo optical coherence imaging to build prominent bio-makers. This will help in better disease management.

Development of multi-modal imaging that uses various kind of ophthalmic imaging and Ocular therapeutics. It will stimulate the development of innovative medical devices and various treatment procedures

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