Integration of Geothermal Energy with Solar Power Source to Meet Rising Energy Demand

To meet the energy demand of the increasing population across the globe, scientists are trying to find alternative source. Production of energy does not solve the entire concern. Scientists are trying to come up with an energy source which is eco-friendly. Lately, researchers of Oak Ridge National Laboratory have given the concept of geothermal energy storage system. Implementation of the idea will help to meet peak energy demand of 37% homes. Thereby, helping in balancing grid operations.

The system is prepared to install underground of houses. Further, it will store energy radiating from renewable energy sources. One such source is solar power in the form of thermal energy. Further, this energy will be collected using a heat pump.

Geothermal system will also comprise of underground tanks and phase change materials. The tanks will allow to store water and phase change materials will absorb and radiate energy while transitioning between liquid and solid states.

Concept of Energy Independent Homes

In the era of energy scarcity, affordability of the energy is also a criteria, which requires proper attention. Keeping that in mind, scientists have developed inexpensive materials for the system. Also, installment of machine at shallow depths is appropriate. This, in turn, will reduce drilling costs. The stored energy will provide cooling in the summer and long hours of heating during winter.

Moreover, this will help regulate energy demand at peak hours. Also, as this system will be present at underground of homes; hardly, people will require to buy electricity from external source. The energy produced will be enough to meet the household energy demand. This will save high electricity expenditure.

Geothermal system is a promising solution to meet the energy demand of all the communities. It is reliable and financially viable. Also, it is eco-friendly as it is not releasing any kind of toxic substance in the nature.

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