Technology to Train Brain for Sound Sleep

Technology for Sound Sleep

Undoubtedly, technology has eased every aspect of life. Owing to which, human beings have become too much dependent on it. Looking at the other side, Technology for sound sleep has been interfering with the normal routine. This has a direct impact on the sleep cycle. At times, people become so engrossed in some games. Other times, they stay engaged in social networking sites that the sleep cycle gets affected.

The scientists have been taking a note of such problems. And here also, they tried coming with a technical solution. Apparently, technology is the only hope of restoring the sleep cycle.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 is going to be a sleep tech show. CES is counted among one of the most prominent technology show worldwide. The show will be commencing on 7th January 2020 and continue till 10th January 2020. URGONight will be one of the most important topic of discussions.

For the uninitiated, URGONight is a noninvasive wearable headband. It helps train the brain to activate the natural ability to sleep well. The technology takes few minutes a day for the training. It uses the concept of neurotherapy. Neurotherapy, also referred to as neurofeedback (NFB), uses electroencephalography (EEG) to train the brain. The therapy was available only in medical centers earlier.

Neurotherapy is Available at Comfort of Home

URGONight headband should be worn for 20 minutes a day and thrice a week. The two electrodes present in the headband detects the brain activity. The wearable band utilizes positive feedback to register brain processes as well as mental activities. Furthermore, this aids to tracking brain waves associated with sound sleep.

The band is designed to wear after work or before sleep; and not during sleep.

Moreover, associated Android/iOS app enables to see EEG brain feedback in real-time. It also includes certain exercises such as drawing pattern. The main idea behind the use of URGONight headband is train the brain to attain proper sleep.

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