IoT Enabled Smart Classroom is New Learning Playground

IoT Enabled Smart Classroom

Implementation of IoT Enabled Smart Classroom is revolutionizing every angle of our life. It is enabling artificial intelligence to take data-driven decisions. Considering the present rate of IoT implementation, there will hardly be any line distinguishing digital and physical world in near future. Adaption of IoT in real life is facilitating improved quality of life followed by economic competitiveness and sustainability.

Among all the sectors, use of IoT education promises to change the face of the system. Integrating the present education system with the technology will enable students to think beyond the walls. This positive change will improve the acumen of student. This in turn will boost the economic growth, increase income and reduce poverty.

Further, use of internet and modern devices in the classroom will aid in refinement of lesson plans. It will help students to relate the real world situations. Moreover, this quality of education will help them in widening their imagining abilities. Also, students will be able to participate in the webinars, debates, and group studies from comfort of their home.

IoT to Aid in Managing the Pace

The application of IoT will help the teachers to design the modules according to learning capabilities of students. Not all students have same acumen and often the weak or, say shy students lag in the class.

Moreover, contribution of AI and IoT will also help disabled students to obtain an education. Further, modernization of the classrooms will cater to the special needs of such children. For that, various technologies have been developing that will allow students with speech disability, visual and hearing impairment to learn new things.

Also, technically equipped classrooms will provided dynamic learning environment. Student will be able to access courses from any location. The teachers will not have to waste time in marking attendance. Home-work assigned by a teacher will be updated automatically on students’ planner.

IoT enabled education solution will not help wider learning opportunities but also safe and comfortable environment. Meanwhile, parents will be able to track the school bus. This may sound like a breach in privacy, but the actual intention is to protect children from any kind of possible threat.

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