Biomarker to Predict Lifespan after Heart Failure


Medical researchers have observed considerable fluctuation in the lifespan of people after undergoing a heart failure. Out of all total number of people suffering heart failure, major percentage of patients die within 1-3 years. However, there also exist people who live long life despite of heart failure. The pattern of heart diseases progression is also different. Few show rapid progression while others remain stable.

A team of medical researchers from UCLA conducted a study to determine the factor behind the varying lifespan.  The team concluded neuropeptide Y is the deciding factor of the lifespan after heart failure. Nervous system releases the molecule called as Neuropeptide Y. People with higher level of neuropeptides Y in the blood is more likely to die within 1-3 years. It is vice-versa in case of lower level of neuropeptides.

Further, despite of providing same kind of medications and medical device therapy the affect is different for different people. Few people live longer when compared to others. This is another area of research.

Non-invasive Tools for Prediction

To determine the difference, the researchers conducted tests on blood sample of 105 patients. The patients were suffering from stable heart failure. The aim of the research was to search a biomarker. The main function of the biomarker is to determine the likeliness of death a person in coming years. In the research, neuropeptide Y level came out as the most significant predictor.

Further, researchers also collected tissue samples. The samples was collected from both healthy people as well as from patients. They concluded that people with heart failure were having higher level of neuropeptides. Also, there were at risk of death from heart failure.

The results helped researchers to decide treatment for very-high-risk patients. This could help them provide the targeted therapies. Moreover, the risk of death could also be reduced by providing therapies to the nervous system

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