Smart Packaging Technology to Help Older Patients with Compliance

Smart packaging technology based on QR, NFC, RFID, and Bluetooth, are fast gaining popularity in modern healthcare systems. The most compelling proposition is that they help in improving the adherence rate in patients, especially in older adults/seniors. The technologies enable dosage tracking in the healthcare packaging. The packaging displays the relevant information either on a screen in the system’s hardware or through a smart device. However, experts contend that these smart healthcare packaging has still not come in mainstream use. A probable reason is to do with their low utilization of the smart tech.

Dosage Tracking and Compliance Possible Applications of Smart Packaging Technology 

One possible way to expand the potential of RFID/NFC enabled smart packaging for making it useful on multiple levels. An OTC manufacturer pointed out that the smart packaging can make compliance easy among healthcare providers, clinicians, and patient ecosystem. The technology can enable doctors to keep a detailed log of when and how many times their patients took the medications. Both healthcare provider and patient or caregiver can know when a dosage was missed.

Expanding Potential for Monitoring Product Integrity

Interestingly, the scope of smart healthcare packaging is not just for dosage tracking and in ensuring compliance. For instance, they can check the integrity of medicines as it moves from manufacturer to distributor to retailer and finally to patients. As an example, smart packaging with RFID-equipped sensors, which can keep a track of environmental condition. Should there arise risk, the relevant party in the supply chain will surely know and take corrective action. For instance, it may help to know a breach of factory seal.

Further, in coming years, healthcare experts opine that smart packaging can also include augmented reality. Seniors can scan a code and know about the product online in an easy-to-consume format, rather than struggling with tiny test that is usually present in the packaging.

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