Lithium-air Batteries Market Shares, Brand Analysis and Forecast up to 2025

Lithium-air batteries are new generation light-weight batteries. They are metal-air batteries which form an electrochemical cell and work on redox reaction; oxidation of the lithium metal followed by reduction of oxygen produces the current flow. Usage of lithium-air batteries in the automotive, medical, defense and military, electronics, and marine industries and in power backup systems is propelling the growth of the market. Different batteries are used as per their application requirements. Manufacturers are conducting extensive research in order to develop batteries that have low weight, longevity, high-power density, and low cost of production, without compromising on the performance of the end product. Developing eco-friendly products is the trend of the day and is driving the global batteries market to a new height. Batteries are essential equipment in households as well as in industries; thus, the demand for batteries is perpetual. Technological advancements ensure the continuous development of new equipment and gadgets that require batteries; this is expected to create high demand for battery materials in the near future.

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Lithium-air batteries are amongst the lightest batteries available as lithium is the lightest metal and air is also of ultra-light-weight. Therefore, the major application of these batteries is expected to be in the automotive industry, especially in the hybrid and electric vehicles. These batteries, due to their low weight and compact size, are projected to become an integral part of electric vehicles. Rise in demand for electric vehicles and improvement in manufacturing processes are the key drivers of the global lithium-air batteries market. Furthermore, these batteries can be employed in other appliances such as electronic, electrical, industrial equipment, etc. owing to their light weight.

Based on the type of lithium-air battery, the global market can be segregated into aprotic Li-air batteries, aqueous Li-air batteries, mixed aqueous/aprotic, and solid state Li-air batteries. Solid state Li-air batteries are not flammable and thus eliminate the chance of explosion. Lithium-air batteries are in the development phase, thus their overall efficiency, limitations, and cost are anticipated to improve in the future with the advancement in technology. In terms of application, the global Li-air batteries market can be classified into automotive, consumer goods & electronics, industrial, and others. Presently, automotive is the promising application segment of the lithium-air batteries market.

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Key players operating in the global lithium-air batteries market include PolyPlus, Lithium Air Industries, Inc., and Mullen Technologies Inc. The market for lithium-air batteries is still in its nascent stage; thus, the competition is comparatively low. However, the competition is expected to intensify as new manufacturers are anticipated to enter the market in the near future.

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