Gel Battery Market Global Industry Analysis and Forecast Till 2026

Gel battery is a valve regulated, maintenance free, lead acid battery. It is extremely robust and versatile. Gel battery produces can be used in places without much ventilation. The term ‘maintenance free’ is a misnomer as VRLA batteries still require cleaning and regular functional testing. It is widely used in large portable electrical devices and off-grid power systems. The large amounts of storage are needed at a lower cost than other low-maintenance technologies such as lithium-ion.

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The gel battery market can be segmented based on type, application, end-user industry, and region. Based on type, the gel battery market can be divided into 2V, 12V, and 6V. Based on end-user industry, the gel battery market can be segregated into power, renewable energy, EPS & UPS, communications, and others. Gel batteries are commonly used in applications such as cell phones, camcorders, motorcycles, and marine equipment. They are also employed in the U.S. nuclear submarine fleet, due to their power density, elimination of gassing, low maintenance, and enhanced safety.

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Gel-cell batteries are also used for recreational marine purposes, with AGM being commonly available. Large number of suppliers offer AGM deep cycle marine batteries. These batteries are typically preferred due to the low maintenance and spill-proof quality; however, they are generally considered a less cost effective solution compared to the traditional flooded cells. It is also used in high-end cars. Users do not have to regularly add water to the battery to ensure that the electrolyte levels are normal. Thus, they require low maintenance. Gel car battery has less acid than a common deep cycle car battery. With the electrolyte solution transformed into gel, it is almost impossible to spill the content, preventing any of the acids seeping out.

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