Research report explores the Hawthorn Extract Market for the forecast period, 2017-2027

Hawthorn belongs to Rosaceae family which is botanically known as Crataegus laevigata, Crataegus monogyna. Hawthorn is a horny shrub which is grown along the hillside in sunny wooded areas. Hawthorn is the native of Europe and Asia. They grow in clusters in various colours such as white, red and pink. Haws are the berries that sprout out after the flowers. Hawthorn extract can be obtained from leaves, flowers and berries. Hawthorn extract is a popular herbal extract owing to its peculiar medicinal property. Hence, is gaining traction in herbal supplements industry. The flower and leaves are the most used parts of hawthorn than berries, due to high concentration of flavonoids. Apart from medicinal purpose hawthorn extract can be used for culinary application also.

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Hawthorn extract is being used traditionally for making jellies and wine and also adds flavour to the brandy. Breakthrough research and innovation has led to explorative use of Hawthorn extract in medicinal application. Hawthorn extract is characterised by antioxidant property due to the presence of proanthocyanidins and anthocyanin’s that helps to strengthen walls of blood vessels. The most prominent medicinal use of hawthorn extract is to provide smoothening effect on the heart and vascular system. Therefore, helps to combat various vascular diseases especially congestive heart failure as it helps to increase the transmission of nerve signals by widening the blood vessels through contraction. Apart from treating health concerns, hawthorn effect is also been used to treat digestive and kidney aliments such as diarrhoea and indigestion among others. Moreover, hawthorn extract also helps to reduce the cholesterol level by enhancing the receptors of LDLs. Hence, propelling the growth of hawthorn extract market due to its implacable usage in pharmaceutical industry. Furthermore, apart from Europe hawthorn is also now being found across the globe and hawthorn extract can easily be extract from all parts of the plants i.e. flower, leaves and berries. Hence, wide availability and easy extraction is significantly contributing the growth of hawthorn extract market.

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However, as hawthorn extract is widely consumed in the form of herbal supplements but it should be taken cautiously, as it may cause reaction with the other prescribed drugs and may lead to adverse health effects. Moreover, nowadays, people consumes herbal supplements by purchasing through over the counter. Therefore, self-medication behaviour among the consumers may prove be harmful and hence may affect the growth prospects of hawthorn extract market. Moreover, hawthorn may affect the blood pressure as it may tend to react with certain medication such as digoxin, beta blockers among others. Hence, lack of warning labels by the manufacturers coupled with dearth of knowledge among the consumers regarding its side effects may restrain its market growth.

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The global hawthorn extract market is categorised into seven regions, namely, Western Europe, Eastern Europe Middle East and Africa (MEA), Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ), Japan Latin America and, North America. North America accounts for significant share of hawthorn extract market. Increasing lifestyle diseases coupled with excessive healthcare expenditure has led to drift in consumer’s consumption pattern towards adoption of preventive healthcare. Herbal supplements forms a prominent component of preventive health measure thus, spurring the growth for hawthorn extract market in North America. Europe accounts for major share of hawthorn extract market. As hawthorn is native of Europe, along with its acceptance as official herbal supplements in various areas of Europe such as Brazil, France, Germany and Russia which is further supporting the growth of hawthorn extract market. Asia Pacific represents the opportunistic market for the growth of hawthorn extract, as traditional medicines are widely accepted in various parts of Asia Pacific. Moreover, manufacturers are focusing upon new product innovation which further potentiates the growth of hawthorn extract market.

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